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Racing Tires for Hot Rods & Race Cars
Retread Tires from the Original Ron Hurst Molds

Since 1961



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Hello, Welcome to HURST RACING TIRES. we have been in the racing tire buisness capping Drag and Circle Track tires since 1961. We have always been known for a high quality tire at a competition price. We only use the highest quality casing and use the latest technology in racing rubber. All D.O.T. tires have passed D.O.T. requirements but have a reduced or alterd tread pattern of standard D.O.T. tires produced for normal highway use. Due to these differences, these tires are not suitable for normal highway use.

HURST RACING TIRES are sold as is. Race tires are not tested or labeled to meet FVMSS 109 and therefore it is illegal to sell race tires for use on public streets or highways.



About Our Custom Tires
At our family-owned-and-operated business, we have been retreading racing tires for more than 45 years, and we are the only people in the nation building this style of tires. Using vintage molds from the '50s and '60s, we are able to create these retread tires using original mold equipment. From racing cars to hot rods, you can enjoy our tailor-made tires at very reasonable, competitive prices. Purchase your racing tires designed to your needs at Hurst Racing Tires.

Contact us at our tire store in Oregon City, Oregon,
for our custom retread tires and racing tires.